Use These Helpful Tips When Sharing Spaces In Your Apartment Home

If you share an apartment with roommates, you know how difficult it may be to navigate your shared rooms and areas. While each individual has their room, the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas are shared. Sharing this place might be frustrating even if you live with your best friend or spouse. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to arrange how to share your space so that everyone is aware of the proper boundaries. Continue reading for some pointers on using shared living areas in your apartment home.

Harborside Village Apartments apartment storage tips

Incorporate these practical tips.

Sharing Closets Is Inevitable

When sharing closets, ensuring everyone gets the same closet space is vital. Hang vertical cloth shelves for sheet and towel storage and create a partition to generate extra area in the closet. You can also use accessories that divide and organize closet spaces as well.

You Might Also Share Wall Space

Walls in common areas are also included in shared residential spaces. Do not hang your paintings without first consulting your roommate. Making wall decorating a group effort might help you and your partner be happy with the décor.

Utilize These Space-Saving Methods

You can spend money on sophisticated organizational items, but sometimes the basics are the best option. These vital tools can assist you in transforming shared housing areas into a structured environment.

  • Hooks for hanging keys or extra towels in the doorway or bathroom
  • Scarves, winter gloves, and cosmetics can all be stored in shoe boxes
  • Coats and luggage can be stored on over-the-door hangers
  • Under-the-bed storage bins are ideal for keeping out-of-season apparel that cannot be stored elsewhere
  • Creating a structure and talking openly will allow you and your roommate to live peacefully in shared apartment spaces

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