Soundproofing Hacks To Keep Your Apartment Quiet

We all know the age-old saying, “silence is golden,” but when you’re living in an apartment sometimes quiet is something we only dream about. From noisy neighbors, hallway clatter, outside noises, and more your ears may be completely worn out. Fortunately, there are tricks you can use at home to help create a more quiet environment.  

Soundproofing Hacks To Keep Your Apartment Quiet

Adding textiles throughout your home can be a great option for soundproofing your home.

Weatherproof Your Front Door

One of the first steps to fighting hallway noise intrusion is to add weatherproofing strips to your door frame. Not only does this help reduce energy lost through your air conditioning or heating, but it will dramatically lessen noise from the hall entering your home. We recommend adding weatherproofing to the interior and exterior of your door for maximum soundproofing.

New Curtains

Textiles, in general, can help to muffle noises, but some curtains are specifically designed to reduce noise. Adding a heavy material curtain over your front door can help with noise reduction if weatherproofing isn’t an option. Likewise, soundproof curtains can be used on windows to prevent outdoor commotion from coming in.

Add Textiles

And soft fabric, especially those that are thick, will absorb sound. Adding textiles throughout your home can be a great option. Try hanging a decorative rug on the wall bordering a noisy neighbor, anything with a thick weave will help insulate some of the sounds.   

Try Thick Rug Pads

Rugs, in general, make for excellent sound absorbers, and with a thicker rug pad, you’ll notice a dramatic difference. Not only will it help to absorb sound in general, but a thick rug pad will help if your downstairs neighbors are your primary source of ire.

A Wall Of Bookshelves

Another option for blocking noise from an adjacent apartment is to create a wall of bookshelves. The added wood and books will help by making a layer of insulation between your apartments.

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