How To Keep Your Apartment Cool In The Summer

Check out these great tips for keeping your apartment cool in the summer.

Check out these great tips for keeping your apartment cool in the summer.

Maryland summers can get hot and humid, especially when your apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. Even if you have a window A.C. unit, you know that keeping it on all day and night can significantly increase your energy bill. If you need a few tips for cooling down your apartment without spending any extra money, take a look at our tips!

Close The Blinds

While it’s nice to let natural light into your home for a portion of the day, blocking out sunlight can actually keep your apartment much cooler. If you work during the day, close your blinds in the morning to ensure the strong afternoon sun doesn’t warm up your apartment while you’re gone. By blocking out the sun, you can save up to 15% on your cooling costs!

Counter-Clockwise Fans

Did you know that the direction your fan rotates makes a difference on the air flow and temperature? Setting your ceiling fans for a higher speed and counter-clockwise rotation actually produces a cooler freeze for a more comfortable apartment.

Ice In front Of Fans

As for standing or box fans, putting a large bowl with ice or ice packs directly in front of the fan helps to cool down a room faster. The fan blows across the ice, and the breeze is so cool that you’ll forget you don’t have an air conditioning unit!

Smart Meals

Living in an apartment with no A.C. can make cooking difficult, as turning on the stove or oven immediately makes the whole kitchen much warmer. However, before you start to spend more money by ordering in or going out to eat every day, there are plenty of meals to cook without the oven! Look online for summer-friendly recipes, including various salads, grilling outside, or even using a slow cooker to limit the amount of heat in your kitchen.

Keep Yourself Cool

While it may take a while to cool down your whole apartment, there are many other ways to cool your body down. For example, wear lightweight and breathable clothing to limit sweat, take quick cold showers or use a cold washcloth on your neck, and drink ice-cold water throughout the day.

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