Tips For Dealing With Minor and Major Apartment Repairs

Check out these tips for dealing with minor and major apartment damages.

Check out these tips for dealing with minor and major apartment damages.

All apartments need minor repairs at some point, and it is important for renters to know which damages they can take care of by themselves, and when to talk to the landlord or maintenance team. Continue reading to learn more about which apartment repairs renters should be prepared to cover and fix themselves, and when to report damages to maintenance.

What Renters Are Responsible For

Apartment owners tend to make life as easy as possible for their tenants, but there are some things that all renters should take care of on their own. These include minor tasks such as changing light bulbs, replacing batteries in the smoke detectors and other appliances, removing stains on the floors or wall, managing their trash and recycles, minor toilet fixes such as unclogging, and depending on the building, replacing air filters.

Things To Try Before Calling In A Repair Request

There are a few repairs that renters may be able to fix on their own, and they should try to resolve the problem to the best of their ability before calling in a repair request. For example, if you notice a problem with an appliance, try changing the batteries or light bulbs to see if you can make an easy repair. If your garbage disposal is having issues, try resetting it. If the power goes out in your apartment, flip the breaker on the electrical panel if you have access to it. Simple things like this allow you to not only fix the problem quicker, but saves your landlord time to make an easy repair.

Repairs and Damages You Should Report

When there is a repair needed that you can’t fix on your own, you should not hesitate to report the major or emergency repair. Some damages can have significant effects on your apartment and even your neighbors’ apartments, so it’s best to report emergencies as quickly as possible. These damages and major repairs include broken pipes, holes in the floor or walls, faulty electrical outlets, flooding, or air conditioning outage in the summer. As a renter, you should never try to repair serious damages yourself, as it can lead to more problems for the apartment in the future.

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