4 Practical Housewarming Gifts For New Neighbors

Check out these practical housewarming gifts to give your new neighbors!

Check out these practical housewarming gifts to give your new neighbors!

Whenever someone moves into your apartment complex, it’s always nice to reach out and introduce yourself. Being friendly with your apartment neighbors makes your home feel like more of a community, and may result in new friends! Continue reading for a few small, yet practical, housewarming gifts to give new neighbors to make them feel at home.


If you can paint in your apartment complex, a great housewarming gift is a set of paintbrushes, along with a gift card to a home improvement store. Painting the interior walls in an apartment is a great way to personalize the space and be creative, and your neighbors will love the thoughtful present!

Envelopes With New Address

Moving is a stressful time, and it’s common for people to forget to inform every friend and family member of their new address. It’s also easy to forget your address when you’re new to the area- especially the zip code. Help your new neighbor by ordering pre-printed envelopes with your apartment complex’s address so they can easily send them without having to double check the information. Unless you’ve already met your neighbor and know how to spell their name, you can leave the namespace blank. When they’re ready to send mail, they can simply print their name above the address.

Soap or Candles

Sometimes, the most basic items make the best housewarming gifts! After a stressful move, allow your new neighbor to pamper him/herself with a beautiful candle or scented antibacterial soap. To make the gift a little more luxurious, put the soap in a stylish dispenser that will look great in their bathroom!

Night-In Kit

If you want to do something a little more special for your neighbor, make a whole box full of essentials for a fun night in! Include candy and popcorn, a nice bottle of wine, and a few movies or board games. Your neighbor is starting a new life in their apartment, so they should celebrate and enjoy their new home!

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