Roommate Tips: Living with a Messy Roommate

Roommate Tips: Living with a Messy Roommate

Dealing with a messy roommate can be an uncomfortable situation.

Living with a messy roommate? There are a few things to take note of; while it can be hard to live with someone who is messier than you — particularly when you are a neat freak or like to have things organized, there are ways to make the living situation manageable and easier to handle. Here are some helpful tips to maintain a healthy living situation with a roommate who might be messier than you’d like.

Try To Understand

Dealing with a messy roommate can be an uncomfortable situation. When you live with someone who leaves things strewn around the apartment it can cause arguments and other issues between you and your roommate. That said, there are ways you can make the living arrangement you are in more manageable. As a good companion, it’s important to see things from their point of view. Trying to understand where your roommate is coming from with their way of living can help you broach the subject of their messiness effectively and in a more sensitive manner. This will likely avoid any massive arguments that may arise. 

Zoning Out The Place

One way to properly handle a messy roommate is to think about your apartment in terms of zones or turfs. In fact, this can include focusing on your side of the apartment and ensuring that it is as clean as you’d like. That way, you put your effort and energy into the spaces that you use most — like your personal bedroom. This also means that you allow your roommate to enjoy their space as they see fit. 

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

Another approach you can take is to simply hire a professional to tackle the large mess. In fact, there are easy to fix solutions that a professional cleaning service can provide that you might not otherwise get to experience if you simply clean the place yourself. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are ways to get through a messy roommate situation where both people are happy with their living environment. In fact, taking some simple steps to alleviate the problem of a messy roommate is totally possible and actually easier than you may think. 

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