4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Apartment Cool In Summer

Check out these four eco-friendly ways to keep your apartment cool this summer.

Check out these four eco-friendly ways to keep your apartment cool this summer.

Although it is not officially summer, the weather in Maryland is already very hot and humid, and renters are looking for creative ways to keep their apartment cool. While you may think that it takes a lot of energy to keep your space comfortable throughout the summer, there are a few eco-friendly solutions for cooling down an apartment!

Indoor Plants

Certain indoor plants have many benefits, including helping to keep the air around them clean and cool. Since plants rely on photosynthesis to survive, they consume water and sunlight to create their own food, so they take in energy and heat. Plants absorb energy to function, so indoor plants will absorb heat from sunlight and make the air around them colder.

Window Shades

Window shades may seem like a simple solution, but they are very helpful for blocking sunlight and cooling down a warm apartment. While you may want to keep your shades open for a few hours of the day to take in some natural light and the views from your home, be sure to keep east and west-facing windows shaded during the sunniest times of the day. If your apartment gets a lot of sun, blackout shades may be worth the investment, as they prevent heat from entering your home.

LED Lighting

In addition to sunlight, your lamps can also give off excess heat and make a room feel much warmer than it needs to be. To keep your apartment cool, always turn off every light before heading outside, and turn off lights as soon as you leave a room. When sitting in your living room or bedroom, try to only turn on the lights that are necessary, rather than switching on every lamp. Also, be sure to swap out your old bulbs with LED light bulbs, as they are more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Run Appliances At Night

Your apartment is warm enough on its own, but running appliances during the day will only add more heat into the air. If you need to use the stove or oven for cooking meals, try to wait until the sun has gone down to avoid increasing indoor temperatures. Of course, summer nights can also be very warm, so open a window whenever you use the stove or oven to keep the air moving. The dishwasher also creates steam and heat, so leave this chore for after sundown whenever possible!

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