4 Tips To Sound and Light Proof Your Apartment Bedroom

Check out these four tips for sound and light proofing your apartment bedroom.

Check out these four tips for sound and light proofing your apartment bedroom.

If your bedroom is too loud or too bright, you likely aren’t getting the best sleep. Sleep is so important for our health and overall well-being, so it’s crucial to have a quiet and dark environment to rest peacefully. Continue reading for four tips on how to sound and light proof your apartment bedroom to get better sleep!


Placing rugs on your floor is one of the best ways to reduce sound in your apartment. It doesn’t need to be too expensive or fancy- a simple rug with a quality rug pad acts as a great sound barrier. The best option is a room-sized area rug that leaves about 12 inches of exposed floor around the perimeter of the room. However, a few small area rugs will also do the trick!

Upholstered Furniture

If your roommate or next-door-neighbor is always waking you up, you’ll also want to add furniture that stops too much sound from getting in your room. Upholstered furniture is very effective, as the soft surfaces naturally dampen sound. This can be a bench at the end of your bed, a decorative blanket hung on the wall, or an upholstered headboard for your bed.

Blackout Curtains

While most renters look for an apartment with a beautiful view, too much sunlight in the morning or bright lights shining at night can ruin your sleep. Blackout curtains are an excellent investment, as you can always leave them open when you want the sun to shine in, and close them to create a dark room. Also, blackout curtains are great for helping an apartment stay cool in the summer, as they block sunlight from warming up your room. The heavier the fabric, the more effective it will be, so look for wool, cotton flannel, or velvet. Many stores have blackout liners that can be adding to existing curtains, so you can have the option of taking them on and off.

Check Seal Around Windows

The seal around your windows is very important for reducing sound and light, so take the time to inspect the seal and purchase new strips if necessary. You can find strips of insulated foam from your local hardware store to fill in any gaps.

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