3 Types of Awesome Apartment Amenities

3 Types of Awesome Apartment Amenities

The perfect apartment amenities really are the cherry on top of a good apartment.

The perfect apartment amenities really are the cherry on top of a good apartment. Sure, you may love many of the features of an apartment, but what about the amenities? That’s why you need to factor in all those little bonuses when you’re hunting for your very own apartment. Not all amenities will be the right fit for everyone! When it comes to apartment amenities, we think there are three major categories that you should be thinking about.

Within Reach

These are the amenities that are in your apartment right alongside you. It encompasses basics like how big the rooms are and how many of them there are, whether pets are accepted or not and whatever conditions may come with that, and internet availability. You may also be concerned with quality-of-life amenities like in-unit laundry, a dishwasher, or central air. For some, these kinds of amenities can be a real deal maker or breaker.

Close Enough

What’s available right outside of your door? Elevator access could be a big one depending on your needs. Some apartments offer additional storage space too. A few big ones include outdoor spaces, like a balcony, patio, shared outdoor area, or even a nice pool. Something else that’s important to many people is the parking situation: do you get your own parking pad or are you going to need to take a few minutes out of your day to find one? Lastly, if you’re concerned about health and fitness, a good gym is one of the most common and sought after apartment amenities. Whether it’s important to you or not, it’s something to be aware of.

Around the Neighborhood

As important as your actual apartment complex and apartment amenities might be, you also want to think about the neighborhood surrounding you. Access to things like the nearest supermarket, parks, nightlife, restaurants, movie theaters, and so on can all be a big factor in where you want to live. Being able to hop on public transit or get onto a bike path could also be a big priority for you. Thinking about what the area has to offer, as well as what it looks like in terms of crime rates or whether families or younger couples or college-aged people live in the area, are important parts in figuring out where you want to live.

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