How to Be a Good Apartment Neighbor

how to be a good apartment neighbor

You can become a good apartment neighbor by maintaining friendly communication.

When shopping for a new apartment, you will naturally consider location, amenities, and space. However, what you may not realize before moving into a new apartment is how your neighbors can be an important and influential factor in the quality of your living experience. How can you establish a good relationship with your neighbors? It begins by being a good apartment neighbor yourself. Read on for a few essential methods you can use to develop a healthy neighborly relationship in your apartment building. 

Communicate Clearly 

One of the critical components for any relationship is communication. It can be tempting to stick to yourself, but communication is required if you want to be a good apartment neighbor. You can start by introducing yourself after you move in, and continuing to say hello when you run into your neighbors. It is also helpful to communicate any problems in the building other people should know about, when you’ll be away from your home, and any issues you may have with your neighbors such as noise levels. By communicating politely with your neighbors, you show them that you are a nice person who can be trusted. 

Be Social 

Another way to establish communication and establish yourself as a friendly person is to be social. You may organize a potluck or picnic for everyone that lives in your building, floor, or neighborhood. This shows your neighbors that you want to know them and are interested in fostering a community. 

Be on the Lookout

A good apartment neighbor can be useful for helping to keep watch over their neighbors’ homes. When your neighbors are gone, you can keep watch and be protective of your neighbors’ homes as you would your own. This way, if something suspicious happens, you can help stop it or fix it so they won’t have to. Your neighbors will appreciate this consideration of their property and may return the favor for you when you have to be out of town or need help pet- or plant-sitting. 

Be Respectful 

It is, of course, important to be respectful of other peoples’ time and space. This becomes especially crucial when people live in close proximity in an apartment complex. This means not having loud parties at night and warning your neighbors about your apartment’s noise if you are planning a gathering. 

Be mindful of shared walls, keep your outdoor or shared spaces clean, and don’t use your space for anything unpleasant or dangerous. Even when you are in your apartment, your actions affect others nearby. A good apartment neighbor remembers this and takes it into account. 

Train Your Pets

Pets can be excellent companions, especially in apartments. However, they can quickly become nuisances to other people. So, for the sake of your neighbors, make sure your dog or cat is trained enough so that they are not unnecessarily noisy, they don’t go to the bathroom in the building, and they don’t bother strangers. 

Following these tips for being a good apartment neighbor will help you foster a kind, respectful, and peaceful community in which to live. 

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