Four Ways to Handle a Noisy Neighbor

4 ways to handle a noisy neighbor
Don’t let your frustrations carry you away when dealing with a noisy neighbor! Remember to communicate honestly and respectfully.

While apartments are convenient and cozy, they do require people to live close to each other. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that noise from one apartment may travel to another. If you find yourself continually being bothered by excessive or loud noise from your neighbor, you may be unsure about what to do. The best way to handle a noisy neighbor is, to be honest and respectful; the following methods will help you communicate your experience to your neighbor, and hopefully help the two of you find an agreement that allows both of you to live comfortably

Lead by Example 

Before you accuse your neighbors of being inconsiderate, you should consider your habits that may be bothering them. Do you hit snooze until your dog barks to wake you up? Do you have loud conversations or debates with your roommate? Do you sing along to music when cooking? Your neighbor may be noisy because they’re trying to drown you out! Either way, recognizing your flaws helps you approach your noisy neighbor with a more understanding mindset. 

Talk About It

Do not try and shout at your noisy neighbor to “quiet down” through your shared wall. Instead, try ringing their doorbell or knocking and having a face-to-face conversation. Try to politely and respectfully explain that you can hear their noise and that it is bothering you. It may help if you explain how the sound is bothering you: do you have to wake up early for work? Do you have conference calls at home? Do you have a child that needs to nap? Your neighbor probably isn’t aware of your circumstances. Letting them know why their noise bothers you might help the two of you agree about when noise is okay and when it’s disruptive. 

Write a Note

Verbal communication is generally recommended before written communication, as people are often more sympathetic and willing to work out a solution when talking face-to-face. However, if for some reason you don’t feel comfortable talking to your neighbor about their noise, you can write them a note. Make sure your letter is carefully worded so as not to seem passive-aggressive, snarky, or vague. Communicate clearly what the problem is and that you would like to work it out with them. 

Contact the Apartment Office

If all else fails, you may speak to your apartment community manager. You may be hesitant to take this step, but you should remember that you are paying rent just like your neighbor, for the right to be comfortable in your own home. Your manager can speak to your noisy neighbor and encourage them to keep the noise down, but they can back up their requests with authority that you don’t have. 

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