How to Help a Friend Move Into Their New Apartment

Help a friend move in to their new apartment and save them extra stress
If you take the time to help a friend move, you can save them stress and labor.

Moving is a significant life event that is stressful, exhausting, and prolonged. If a friend of yours is going through this major change, the idea of helping them move may be daunting. There is a lot of work to do, but showing up for your friend and helping relieve some of their stress is a great way to show you care for this person. Moving someone’s life is a tall order, but with you helping out your friend’s move will be much easier for everyone. Read below to learn how to help a friend move and to care for them during this stressful life event. 

Before the Move

Help With Packing

A major way to help your friend movie is by helping them pack. It not only makes this long process less lonely for them but also helps to complete it faster. 

Take Pictures

Their now-former home is worthy of preserving in their memory, so remind them to take pictures before they leave or take them yourself. 

Watch the Kids or Pets

Depending on whether your friend has young kids or needy pets, you can relieve your friend of extra stress by taking the kids or pets elsewhere or occupying them with activities.

Bring Food

As your friend prepares to move, home-cooked meals can become scarce. You can help your friend and their busy schedule by making prepared frozen meals and placing them in their freezer. 

Help Clean the New Place

Moving into a clean apartment is a lot nicer than moving into a dirty one. 

Make Errand Runs

Help your friend move by ensuring that they have all of the packing supplies they need.

On Moving Day

Show Up

Just showing up with a positive attitude to help your friend move will be a big morale boost for everyone.


Tell your friend how long you can be there, what tasks you feel comfortable doing, and don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. 

Be the Contact Person

Other helping friends can contact you for details, so they don’t need to bother the friend who is moving with excessive questions. 

Bring or Order Food and Cold Water

Bringing food for everyone will be an instant morale boost when energy starts to lag, and providing lots of water will help keep everyone alert and hydrated. 

Stock Bathroom Necessities

You can help your friend move and focus on the big stuff by immediately placing toilet paper and hand soap in the bathrooms, so they are there when anyone needs them.

Set Up Beds

Offer to blow up mattresses or unroll sleeping bags for your friend and their family. This way, they don’t need to do extra work before resting at the end of the long day. 

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