Four Factors Roommates Should Consider Before Move-In


When living with roommates, look for apartments with outdoor spaces.

Living with a roommate can be an excellent way for each person to pay less for rent and utilities, and prevent everyone from feeling too isolated or lonely in a large apartment. However, whether you live with new acquaintances or longtime best friends, people can get on each other’s nerves when sharing a living space. What can you do to avoid these frustrations? In addition to communicating openly with your roommates, you should also consider the following four factors that will affect all roommates. If you can agree on these factors, you are on the way towards easy roommate relationships. 

Storage Space

One of the first things having a roommate means is that you will have at least double everything! Living in an apartment where stuff is overflowing out of every room can quickly become overwhelming and agitating. To avoid roommates tripping over each other’s belongings, look for apartments with plenty of storage space. Look for: 

  • Walk-in closets in bedrooms
  • Cleaning or linen closets in common spaces
  • A large pantry cabinet in the kitchen
  • Built-in shelving
  • Bike lockups 

If there is enough storage space for roommates to share, everyone can safely store their belongings in designated areas. 

Energy Efficiency 

You can save additional money by renting an apartment with eco-friendly appliances. The savings you get from decreased utility costs from the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and refrigerator can help you save up for that fancy new couch. Ask about other eco-friendly features like showerheads and recycling programs during your search. 

Natural Light

Pay attention to the size and placement of windows when searching for an apartment with roommates. Natural light is an asset not just for attractiveness but for utility costs as well. For instance, if your apartment receives lots of natural light, you can probably save on heating costs. However, make sure that all roommates have access to natural light at some point during the day. This improves everyone’s mood and helps people feel that they equally benefit from the apartment’s features. 

Outdoor Areas

When living with roommates, it can be helpful to live in an apartment with outdoor spaces. That way, you can easily move to one of these spaces when your apartment is feeling just a little small. Look for apartments with private balconies or decks and apartment communities with outdoor areas, whether it be a pool, picnic tables, or a fire pit. 

By sharing an apartment with these features, living with roommates can become infinitely more manageable. 

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