How to Find the Best Apartment Floor For You

best apartment floor

Which apartment floor is best for you? Read on to find out how to make this decision.

When searching for an apartment, you shouldn’t forget to factor in what level of your apartment complex you will be living on. Most often, the floor you choose can make a difference to several factors that may influence your enjoyment of your new place. There isn’t always one best floor. Instead, you should consider what you want in your apartment and your day-to-day activities to determine which apartment floor is best for you to live on. Read on to consider the differences between the top, middle, and bottom floors. 

The Bottom Floor

One of the most significant advantages of living on the bottom floor is that you don’t need to worry about hauling furniture or bags of groceries up flights of stairs. If you’re always in a hurry or coming and going frequently, living on the bottom floor can mean getting in and out of your apartment more quickly. Because no one lives beneath you, you can also walk or dance around all you want without worrying about disturbing those beneath you. Finally, the bottom floor stays cooler than the upper floors, so you save money on cooling temperatures during the summer. 

Middle Floors

If you want the advantages of the bottom and top floors, someplace in the middle may be the best apartment floor for you. A higher floor means you won’t hear as much street noise or foot traffic as you would on the first floor. If you have a balcony, your view will also be similar to those on the upper floors. The interior temperature of your apartment will remain mostly consistent throughout the year, which makes it easy to budget for utility costs. 

The Top Floor

Top floors can offer great views, especially of cityscapes. You also get more natural light through your windows. However, more light means warmer interior temperatures. This can be good in winter but may mean more cooling costs in the summer. Those higher costs may not be a problem, though, if you care more about living in an apartment that won’t have any noisy neighbors overhead. If you’re looking for an apartment with great views and less noise, the top floor may be the best apartment floor for you. 

The next time you search for an apartment, make sure to consider which floor you will be living on and whether it is suitable for your preferences. Finding the right apartment floor for you can make all the difference in your satisfaction with your new home. 

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