How To Handle A Noisy Apartment Neighbor

Check out these tips on how to handle a noisy apartment neighbor.

Check out these tips on how to handle a noisy apartment neighbor.

Apartment complexes make great homes, but when multiple people live close to each other, you are bound to hear your neighbors from time to time. While the occasional get-together or loud music is to be expected, your neighbor may be so noisy that it’s taking away from your comfort in your own home. Continue reading for a few tips on how to respectfully deal with a noisy apartment neighbor.

During The Apartment Search

The best way to avoid a loud neighbor is to keep sound levels in mind during your apartment search. For example, when looking at an apartment complex, tell the landlord or leasing agent that you are concerned about noise and are looking for a quiet unit. If you go to bed early or have young children, they should be understanding and can offer advice on the quietest areas of the complex for your family. Also, keep in mind that apartments on the highest floors are typically the most silent, as you won’t be able to hear neighbors walking or sliding furniture around above your unit.

Talk To Them

It’s important to remain reasonable with your neighbors, as they have every right to make general noise during reasonable hours. However, if their noise is keeping you up at night or waking you up early in the morning, the best move is to talk to them directly. Chances are they don’t realize that they are disturbing you, and will lower the sound if they know it is bothering others. Send a friendly text or, even better, stop by their apartment and state the issue in a calm and friendly manner. Very few people want to be bad neighbors, so talking to them directly will often solve any problems!

Apartment Community Manager

After you’ve tried talking to your neighbor a few times but the issue isn’t getting any better, then you can make a more formal complaint to the apartment community manager. It’s best to start a paper trail to back up your complaint, including the date, time, and if you took any action to talk to them about quieting down. While this may make your relationship with your neighbor a little awkward, a manager should get involved if someone is impeding on your comfort. After all, everyone should be able to relax and enjoy their home!

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