5 Measurements to Take Before Moving Into Your Apartment

measurements to take before moving into your apartment

Before moving into your apartment, take these important measurements to determine what furniture can be moved into your new home.

We all know the image of someone carrying a couch up a flight of stairs, only to realize there is no way it’s going to fit through their doorway. This may have even happened to you before! There is a way to avoid this happening again, though: taking measurements. Before you move into your apartment or buy new furniture, take the following measurements to make sure that you purchase furniture that will be able to make it into your apartment. Moving is already stressful enough; you don’t need to make it harder while spending additional time and money. 

Interior Room Measurements

Before moving into your apartment, it can be useful to take large-scale measurements of each interior room. Measure the length, width, and height of each room and hallway in the apartment. Take note of obstacles that may limit furniture movement or placement, including ceiling fans, light fixtures, railings, or other built-in features. Compare the dimensions to any furniture you already have, or want to have. You can even plug in the dimensions to certain apps that help you design a floor plan. If you have to sell furniture, it is easier to do so before moving rather than after. 


After measuring the height and width of your main entrance, measure it diagonally. This measurement will let you know whether a tall bookcase or a mattress can be titled to fit through the doorway. If your apartment has any other outdoor entrances, measure those as well.

Exterior Hallways

Before moving into your apartment, you must also know the width and height of the exterior hallways leading to your apartment. You will also have to measure any connecting doorways you will have to pass through. This will let you know whether your furniture can even make it to your front door!

Exterior Stairways

Avoid the stuck couch in the stairwell by measuring the width and height of the stairway to your apartment. Measure from the first and last steps, using the smallest measurements for exact information. You should also measure the length, height, and width of any turns or landings on the staircase.


Before moving into your apartment, you should find out whether your apartment building has a service elevator available for moving large items. These elevators have larger doors and more floor space than regular elevators and make moving a lot less strenuous. However, you often need to arrange ahead of time your moving times. Measure the height, width, and diagonal length of the doors to know what you can fit in there. 

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