Four Techniques for Adding More Storage Space in a Small Bathroom

how to find more storage space in a small bathroom

Placing extra items in decorative jars on shelves can help free up some storage space in a small bathroom.

If you are living alone or with a roommate in an apartment, it’s likely that you only have one bathroom in which to place all of your necessary toiletries. Sometimes apartment bathrooms just can’t quite hold all that you wish they would. However, rather than storing your bathroom items throughout your apartment, you can find ways to store them in your small bathroom if you get creative. If you wish to consolidate your toiletries and bath products, consider these four techniques to help you find new storage space in a small bathroom.

Install a Second Shower Rod for Caddies

If you are able, you may want to consider installing a second shower rod. This rod will be used to hold shower caddies, which in turn can individually carry multiple bottles of shampoo, shaving cream, or body wash. This will free up space in and around your shower while keeping your necessary items near at hand.

Make the Most of Your Doors and Cabinets

A shelf placed above the door, or on any free wall space, can hold items like extra Q-tips, cotton swabs. You can place them in tasteful jars to provide decoration for the bathroom as well. These additional items won’t be needed every day, but they are there when you’re in a pinch and need them at hand. Additionally, you can cleverly repurpose over-the-door shoe organizers to hold items such as: 

  • Hairspray bottles and other styling products
  • Brushes
  • Hair clips and accessories
  • Blow dryers or flat irons

You can also use the backs of cabinet doors to organize small items. You can hang a magnetic strip on the back of the cabinet door to keep track of easily-lost bobby pins, nail clippers, or any other small metal items. 

Add Layers Under Your Sink

Under the sink is one of the best places to find storage space in a small bathroom. You can fully utilize the space by adding a two-tier turntable under the sink to keep your creams, small makeup containers, lotions, or other toiletries within easy reach. You could even organize the tier by placing items you use in the morning on the top level, and items you use at night on the bottom level. 

You can also use stackable shoe drawers or bins to maximize the vertical space available under the sink. You can store items like sunscreen, nail polish, or bathroom cleaning products in these bins. Whichever organizer you choose, choose ones that are clear or have clear windows that allow you to see what products are placed where. 

Place a Slim Cabinet Beside the Toilet

For essentials like spare rolls of toilet paper, you can place a tall, slim cabinet between the toilet and the shower or sink. This small cabinet won’t get in the way and will clear up space under the sink that might have previously held the toilet paper. 

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