Easy and Spooky Apartment Decoration Tips for Halloween

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With the arrival of October, the Halloween season is officially in full swing.

With the arrival of October, the Halloween season is officially in full swing. Some supermarkets choose to put out Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations on their floors in the summer. But for the especially spooky-obsessed, Halloween is celebrated the entire month of October. Here are some spooky decoration tips to put your family in the festive mood:

Spiders and Spider Webs: A Piece of the Classics

Classically simple Halloween decorations are spiders and spider webs. They are cheap and easy to find. Great for last minute decorating, spiders fit in every nook and cranny. They can be placed in your candy bowl, on coffee tables, or over electronics. Get creative with your spider homes! You can buy spider web material from craft stores that is pliable and easy to set up. Spider web materials should not be placed outside because they are harmful to wildlife. Plastic items will not interfere with your wifi and Bluetooth-using devices. They also have a smaller chance of breaking or damaging your home decor. 

Don’t Forget Deliciously Creepy Snacks!

Food is a great way to create a spooky ambiance for your Halloween party. Use noodles to create intestines and tomato sauce to shower them in blood. Brains can be made from Jell-O or textured foods like popcorn or rice crispies. 

Skeletons and Ghosts 

Skeletons can be bought at any store that sells home decor during the holiday season. They are also great craft ideas for kids. Ghosts, however, are the easiest at-home decoration for Halloween. Arrange white sheets over properly placed furniture and create a ghost friend. You will have to use trial and error to get the right look, but two black holes on a tall floating sheet will spook anyone.

Lighting Your Home for Halloween

How you light your lawn or home during the spooky season can reinforce your decorations. Try splaying some spider webs over lights that do not produce heat or with enough space to avoid lighting the webs on fire. A few orange string lights can be placed along your sidewalk or windows to create a glow on your lawn. Always remember to stay safe and enjoy your Halloween!

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