How to Decorate Your Home With Maximalism

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Maximalism is not solely about brightness and layering but about creating a cohesive story with your home decor.

Loud, busy, and colorful home decor are starring in maximalism. The opposite of minimalism, a maximalist style incorporates loud and different colors with large furniture and art pieces to create a layered visual experience that gives personality to a home. 

What is Maximalism?

As a response to minimalism, maximalism is seeing a rise in popularity. Along with layered fashion looks like sweater vests, maximalism offers range and diversity to your home decor. Instead of stark, white walls and slim furniture, maximalism uses brightly painted walls to bring the room together. Color, texture, and repetition are what make maximalism attractive and clutter-free. 

The Ingredients of Maximalism?

The main elements that create maximalism are layering, repetitive patterns, loud colors, statement pieces, and multiples of something like books or statues. Typically the style is a mixture of other decor styles like boho, eclectic, or modern. Animal print is widespread in maximalism and can serve as a neutral color in your color scheme. Play around with different prints or find reversible pillows if you like to change things up. Unique statement pieces like large sculptures or paintings, a richly colored armchair, or a bouquet of roses should match the room somehow. Whether by color or style, there should be some cohesion in a maximalist style. This style is not disorganized clutter but curated storytelling with your decor. 

Should You Use Maximalism?

Maximalism is not solely about brightness and layering but about creating a cohesive story with your home decor. An excellent style for collectors, maximalism is about display and attention. Generally, if you do not want clashing colors or if you want a seamless look, consider doing monochrome with a complementary color. For example, if you do a purple living room with orange pillows on the purple furniture. The vibe of maximalism is playful. The colors you choose for your condo should represent you and the things you enjoy. If you crochet or knit a lot, consider making furniture covers that display an image or quote you enjoy. This style of decor is about representing you in your home. 

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