Create a Bathroom of Luxury with These Tips

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Avoid a bathroom remodel by using interior design to give your bathroom the look of luxury.

Avoid a bathroom remodel by using interior design to give your bathroom the look of luxury. Financing a bathroom remodel can take months or even years. A fresh coat of paint, recaulking or regrouting, and a new set of decorations will brighten up your bathroom.

Marvelous Items For Your Bathroom

Before buying random things you think are beautiful and will fit your bathroom, consider picking a theme. Do you want the room to feel light and fresh? Do you want it to remind you of the sea? Eucalyptus plants are proven to release essential oils that promote relaxation when in hot, damp places, like your shower. If you prefer not alive decoration pieces, paintings that suit a specific theme will create a cohesive feel to your bathroom. Consider getting light or pastel-colored decorations to brighten the room and make it feel bigger. There are tons of small businesses that create candles and soaps shaped like shells, spooky monsters for Halloween, or even farm animals. 

Replace or Update

Items in your bathroom that are affordable to replace or update are shower curtains, shower caddies, and bathroom mats. Going with your decoration theme, pick up several shower curtains at once and safely store them to save you time when you need to replace them. Shower caddies come in several sizes, metal or plastic, and even cute designs. Some bathroom mats include memory foam that soaks up water when you are out of the shower. Additionally, you can use peel and stick vinyl to upgrade your bathroom counter. There are more choices than simply white marble to check out if peel and stick vinyl sounds interesting. 


Depending on how big your bathroom is, your items may feel like they are piling up. Some easy storage solutions are caddies you can place on your showerhead or curtain rod. However, you can also put cute shelving above your toilet with easily removable hangers like Command strips. If you do not want to hang your shelving, consider a shelf with space in the bottom for your toilet. The shelves begin above the toilet, leaving plenty of room to clean it when that time comes.

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