How To Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit Back When Moving Out

Security Deposit

If you’re looking to get your security deposit back, you’re going to want to follow these tips.

When you’re getting ready to make a move, being aware of your security deposit is critical. Security deposits are an important security step for most rentals, but they can be a problem for you if it turns out that you won’t get a full return. Having a full and thorough understanding of what your rental company expects and how to get your deposit back upfront can help ensure you don’t risk losing your deposit. 

Get A Written Agreement 

The first step when getting ready to find a new rental is to have a written, signed agreement that details the requirements for the security deposit exactly. Read through the document carefully, and with help if needed, to ensure that you know everything within the agreement. Before signing, you may want to see if the leasing agent will make any alterations based on the status of the lease. Some less reputable companies may try to throw in clauses that are tenuously legal in the hope that potential renters will not notice. Usually, these will be edited out if the issue is pressed. If you’re working with a more reputable group, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Schedule A Walk Through 

Before you move in, schedule a walk through with the rental company to check and document everything. Take both written notes and photographs to save. Most rental companies will have a checklist of all of the main features, but you may want to make your own. Make sure to take note of things like paint scratches and dents as well as things like how well the faucets work and conditions of the stove and fridge. 

Check Local Laws 

Each state and area has its own set of regulations setting up what a landlord can and cannot make you pay for. Knowing what these are early can help you be more aware of what is possible. If your landlord breaks these regulations, not only can they be legally obligated to return your money, but they will be fined substantially. 

Plan A Final Walkthrough 

Before you fully move out, set time aside to do a final walkthrough with your leasing agency. Once again, you’ll want to take photos and notes to establish what is normal wear and tear and what may still need to be fixed. Not only does a walkthrough help establish if there is anything else you should do; additionally, it ensures that you have a record that establishes the exact condition. 

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