5 Ways to Keep an Organized Apartment

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Learn how you can keep a clean, clutter-free, and organized apartment.

If you have noticed feeling more cramped in your apartment, that may be due to poor organization. We’ve all been overwhelmed with work and family duties that keep us from organizing our space the way we might like to. Fortunately, by investing a bit of time and a bit of pocket change into organizational methods, you can begin to keep an organized apartment that stays clean and clutter-free even during busy days. Follow the tips below to start re-organizing your apartment today. 

First, Declutter

Before you can implement any organizational methods, you should first declutter your apartment. Get rid of anything you don’t want or need, and begin with your closets. If you haven’t worn clothing within the past year, take it out and donate it. Clearing up space in your closets will freshen up your wardrobe and leave you feeling accomplished! You should also go through electronics, dishes, decorations, and more and donate or throw away items as appropriate. 

Streamline Your Cleaning Closet

Keeping a clean and organized apartment will significantly influence how you feel in your home. You can start cleaning and organizing better by streamlining your cleaning closets or cabinets. If you have a space filled with ten different brands of similar household cleaners, sort through the items and determine what can stay and what can go. This clears up more space for other storage and makes your chores less daunting. 

Organize Your Home Office Space

Your home office or workspace should be as organized as the rest of your apartment. Make sure your setup is simple but has everything you need. Use a comfy chair, sit in natural light if possible, and personalize your desk with photos or plants.

Creating a designated workspace that contains all that you need during the day helps maintain your organized apartment. You don’t want to have work papers sitting on every surface! 

Consider a New Project

Since you are spending more time at home, you may finally have time to take on those creative projects you have been considering. A lot of these projects can help you create an organized apartment. For instance, building small shelves can increase your storage

Breathe Life Into Your Apartment 

When you spend a lot of time in your apartment, it’s essential to refresh your mind, body, and living space when you can. You can do this by letting in fresh air from your windows. Add some plants to your newly organized apartment, and if you have an outdoor space, take a tea break outside. Add mirrors to give the illusion of larger space, and decorate with bright colors that lighten your mood. 

If you feel dissatisfied with your current living space, you can take plenty of small actions to increase your home’s comfort. Use these tips to create an organized apartment that provides you with plenty of space to de-stress and be at ease. 

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