4 Ways You Can Warm Up Your Apartment

how to warm up your apartment

Utilize throw blankets to warm up your apartment this fall.

When living in an apartment, you can’t just add insulation to your apartment to protect you against the chilly temperatures of fall and winter. And while you can bump up your heating during these months, you may not enjoy the increase in your utility bills that extra heating brings along. Fortunately, there are relatively easy and affordable ways you can redecorate your apartment to increase the warmth you can enjoy during these chilly months. 

Use Rugs

If you have ceramic tile, laminate, or other hard floorings, these materials can feel especially chilly during fall and winter. If you add a rug or two, you can help warm up these rooms instantly. Layering several rugs creates a cozy and stylish appearance that helps insulate warmth in your apartment. 

Hang Tapestries

If your walls feel cold, you may be losing some of the heat you pay for through conductive heat loss. This may be especially true in older buildings, which were built at a time when insulation requirements were less strict. If you want to warm up your apartment and keep the heat inside, you can hang wall tapestries. The heavier the material, the better. If you have family quilts lying around, you can hang them on display and increase your insulation that way. Through this method, you keep heat inside while creating beautiful wall displays. 

Treat Drafty Windows

If your windows feel drafty, an energy-saving window treatment like thermal Roman shades can be a quick fix. Thermal shades are akin to quilts for your windows and help warm up your apartment by blocking cold drafts from entering. You can also create DIY wool curtains, as wool is a highly efficient insulating material. You can also look for curtains with detachable thermal panels at many big box stores. 

Additionally, if you have a ceiling fan, you can adjust it, so it spins in the reverse direction. This nifty feature pushes hot air that rises to the ceiling back down into the room. 

Create a Sofa Den

A fun way to warm up your apartment is by creating a snuggle-worthy sofa den. Take your couch or chairs and cover them with comfortable and cozy pillows and throws. These warm, fuzzy features help warm up your space and create a nook in which you can snuggle up anytime you feel a chill. 

By implementing innovative and cozy design features like this during fall and winter, you stay warm while avoiding excessive heating costs. 

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