What Time of Year is the Best Time to Move Into a New Apartment?

what time to move into a new apartment

Determine the best time of year to move into a new apartment.

If you are looking to move into a new apartment this year, but you don’t know what time of year is best for scheduling this move, each season has its unique pros and cons. Some seasons are busier than others, and thus moving companies may charge more. Additionally, other seasons will affect your lifestyle and the extra arrangements you have to make. If you want to know whether spring, summer, fall, or winter is the best time to move into a new apartment, read on for an overview of their unique advantages and disadvantages. 



Summer is one of the most popular times to move, especially for families, because children are out of school. The longer days are also a great reason to move during the summer, as you have much more time to move out of your old abode and move into a new apartment without having to navigate dark conditions. 


Because of the high demand, moving company rates tend to be highest between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The hot and humid weather conditions also make moving into a new apartment during the summer difficult. Every move requires lots of physical exertion and activity, and if the weather is hot, you will quickly work up a sweat. 



Fall has excellent weather for moving into a new apartment. Unlike the summer, you won’t be sweating all over your boxes! Another benefit of moving in the fall is that you will be settled and moved in well before the busy (and cold) winter holiday season begins. That time of year is always busy, and it will be helpful not to have to worry about moving logistics on top of your other responsibilities. 


If you have school-age children, you may have a difficult time moving during the fall. If you have to find new schools for your children, it can be especially challenging to do at the beginning of a school year, especially if it has already started. 



There will be much less demand for moving companies during the winter, as most people choose not to move during these busy months for holidays and families. Because moving companies will be less busy, they will have more flexibility in helping you move into your new apartment. 


The cold and frigid temperatures of winter prevent many people from moving during this time. Ice, snow, and rain can also result in dangerous driving conditions for movers. Due to the weather, moving during the winter also involves more prep than a typical move. For instance, you will need to waterproof your moving boxes. 



Moving companies will be cheaper during the spring than in the summer, and more readily available. Additionally, the weather will not be as harsh as it is during the cold winter months. Without the winter’s frigid temperatures or the scorching heat of summer, choosing to move into a new apartment during the spring can be quite pleasant. 


School-age children will find moving during the end of the school year quite difficult, so it is not an ideal time to move for families. Additionally, if you wait until the end of May, fewer movers are available on your preferred moving dates. 

Ultimately, you should consider your budget, family habits, and preferred weather conditions when choosing a time of year to move into a new apartment. 

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