What to Unpack First in Your New Apartment

what to unpack first in a new apartment

Unpack the following items first in your new apartment.

Moving into a new apartment can be an extended process. You have to spend several days packing up your old residence and organizing your belongings into easy-to-transport boxes and containers. Then, once you move into your new apartment, you have to find a way to unpack your items while living in this new place. So is there a way to stay organized while moving into your new apartment and unpacking your belongings? Read on to find out what you should do first upon moving in. 

What to Do Before You Start Unpacking 

Before you officially begin unpacking your items in your new apartment, do the following: 

  • Clean and prepare your apartment: before your boxes litter the apartment is the best time to clean the floors and surfaces of your new home. This will make placing your new items much easier, and will instantly make your apartment look homier. 
  • Inspect and organize your belongings: before moving, make a list of your boxes and household items. Then, when moving in, check your list to see that all boxes are with you. Then, if every box is correctly labeled for the room it belongs in, you can move it to the room where it will be unpacked. 
  • Set major furniture and appliances: position your large furniture pieces and bulky appliances first. You can then place smaller items around them more easily. 

Unpack the Bedroom on Move-In Day

You may not be able to unpack your entire bedroom, but you will want to set up your bed in your new apartment on move-in day. Reassemble the bed frame if necessary, lay down sheets, unpack pillows, and spread out any blankets, so your bed is ready to give you a good night’s sleep! 

Unpack Bathroom Items

Your care items, toiletries, and medicines should be at the top of your list of what to unpack first in your new apartment. Put out toilet paper and hand soap, find your toothbrush and toothpaste, hang your towels and shower curtains, and unpack any other essentials. You will need to use these items throughout the day, so unpacking cannot wait. 

Tackling the Kitchen Necessities

Kitchens can often take a long time to unpack and organize properly because of the large number of items that go into this space. When unpacking your kitchen appliances, install any large appliances first, and then move onto silverware and plates. Then, you can unpack baking pans and accessories. 

Kids’ and Pets’ Items

If you are moving into a new apartment with young children or pets, unpacking their items will keep them occupied during the busy move-in day. Unpack your kids’ favorite toys, books, games, snacks, and your pets’ food, water bowls, and favorite toys. 

Finishing Up Move-In Day

When you have unpacked the most important rooms of your new apartment—bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen—you can then relax. Moving in takes time, so you can set your own pace with the more fun aspects of decorating a new place. 

Ultimately, make sure to stay organized, set practical goals, and clean up after every unpacking phase. Pretty soon, your new apartment will start to look like home. 

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