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As a renter, your landlord can withhold your deposit if there is damage to your apartment.

As a renter, your landlord can withhold your deposit if there is damage to your apartment. With these decoration tips, you will get your deposit back immediately. Not to mention, most decoration tips that are great for renters are also changeable throughout your lease. Easy to remove wall decals are a blessing during a redecoration.

Removable Hanging Tools

Unless given explicit permission by your landlord, do not use nails or damaging materials to hang decorations in writing. It can be used as a cause to keep your deposit when your lease ends, or the landlord can remove the cost of the repair from the deposit. Items like Command Strips and poster putty are excellent replacements for nails. If used properly, they will not remove paint or leave a residue. They also last for a long time, making them a worthwhile investment for renters. 

Carpets, Carpets, Carpets!

The best way to protect your floors as a renter is to cover them up. Area rugs go on sale throughout the year at major outlets like Pier 1 Imports, About Home, and many online stores as well. Depending on their quality, carpets can be cleaned with a vacuum or sent out to a carpet cleaning service. Regardless, protecting your floors is a necessity if you want to keep your deposit.

Furniture Sliders are Your Friend

Another way to protect your floors is to invest in some good furniture sliders. Most home improvement stores carry them in a variety of shapes, colors, and strengths. There are metal ones for carpet and soft ones for hard flooring. Depending on how heavy the piece of furniture is, you may need larger ones. The bottom of your furniture’s feet can easily scratch hardwood floors over time without you even noticing. The best way to prevent that damage is to cover those feet. As a renter, you have the right to decorate your home however you want. Just keep in mind it cannot be a permanent change.

Wall Decals

There are removable wall decals available at most department stores that carry home decor. They are peel-and-stick shapes and colors that will brighten your home and give it a seemingly permanent personality. 

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